Commercial Maintenance & Landscaping

Keep your Commercial Business Property Mowed, Landscaped & Well Maintained.

DS Lawn Care offering Commercial Mowing Services and Maintenance for Johnson County and the Greater Kansas City Area. We currently service commercial properties including: Car Dealers, Apartment Complexes, Home Owner Associations & More.


DS Lawn Commercial Maintenance Services

DS Lawn offers full service packages to maintain your commercial property. Get your free consultation and we will develop an individual plan that best fits your properties needs.

• Lawn Mowing

• Native Plants

• Bed Maintenance

• Mulch Installation

• Lawn Seeding & Aeration

• Seasonal Colors

• Ornamental Plants

• Irrigation System Maintenance

• Leaf Cleanup

• Snow & Ice Removal

LANDSCAPING SERVICES that make your commercial facility look professional and appealing.

DS Lawn Care can provide, design, installation and maintenance for your commercial landscaping needs.

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DS Lawn Care for your Commercial Snow & Ice Removal Service.

Winter brings a different set of property maintenance needs, you can count on our reliable team, you will have constant facility accessibility throughout even the Harshest Winter Season.

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